We are happy to be part of your dental team. Rest assured that we will do everything in our means to counsel and treat your patients in the most competent and prompt fashion within our specialty.


If you wish to refer a patient, please fill out our ONLINE FORM. The more details you give us, the faster we will be able to give the appropriate treatment to your patients.

If you wish to have a paper reference form instead, download our FORM HERE or CALL US to request our reference pads by mail.

Please note that we do an endodontic exam on ALL patients referred to us. For initial root canal treatments, we can do the exam and treatment at the same appointment upon request. For difficult diagnosis, root canal retreatments, apical root-end surgeries and resorptions cases, we will see the patient for an exam first. In most of these cases, a small field of view CBCT will be done at our office.

For urgent or complex cases, you can call us directly. One of our endodontists will help you stabilize the patient and answer your questions.